The Corner Forum
Monday, Nov. 11, 2002
Issue #5


ANC ELECTIONS: According to the Board of Elections and Ethics, Jessica Ward received the most votes of the three candidates running to represent ANC 6A-06 (the Corner Forum area north of the middle of E Street) in the elections on Tuesday. Of the 501 votes cast, Ms. Ward received 220 votes, or 44 percent. DeLeon L.C. Ware III received 190 votes (38%), H.J. Amons Sr. received 76 votes (15%), and there were 15 write-in votes (3%). In ANC 6A-05, the Corner Forum area south of the middle of E Street, only Michael Musante was on the ballot. Of the 476 people who voted Tuesday, Mr. Musante received 437 votes (92%); there were 39 write-ins (8%). The results will be finalized this week, after absentee ballots are counted. The new representatives will take office in January.

ZONED PARKING, EMERALD STREET: Maureen Nielsen and her husband Klaus began collecting signatures last weekend on a petition to get Emerald Street zoned for restricted parking. Mrs. Nielsen says she has collected about 35 signatures already. She encourages any Emerald Street residents with whom she has not yet spoken to come by her house, 1312 Emerald Street, in the evening, to sign the petition. She is also still knocking on doors.

KINGSMAN SCHOOL: The City Council received proposed legislation from the mayor's office this week regarding Kingsman School, according to Stephanie Reich, legislative analyst in Council Chairwoman Linda W. Cropp's office. As reported in the Oct. 19 issue of the Corner Forum, the city agreed in June to sell the school to the Charter Schools Development Corporation. The agreement requires approval by the City Council.

KINGSMAN BASKETBALL COURT: Tracy Ward, of the Washington Wizards community relations office, said she does not yet have an answer about whether the Wizards will help resurface the Kingsman School basketball court. "Our next court resurfacing isn't until the spring," she said. With the chaos of opening night, she said, "We haven't had the time to do anything yet." Ms. Ward was responding to a request by Samuel Ronald Tilley Jr., 518 14th St., in the Oct. 19 issue of the Corner Forum. In an interview in that issue, Mr. Tilley asked the Wizards for help resurfacing the court.

LOVEJOY PARK: Anne Montgomery, 400 block of 11th St., presented the latest news about Lovejoy Park (described in the Nov. 2 Corner Forum) at the North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association meeting on Wednesday, and asked the association to accept donations on behalf of a "Friends of Lovejoy Park" group until that group obtains nonprofit status. The association agreed to hold a total of up to "one or two thousand dollars," with the understanding that it would not be responsible for writing any thank-you notes. Warren Friedman, chair of the Stanton Park Neighborhood Association, who was also present, said his association would also be able to hold donations for Lovejoy Park.

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