The Corner Forum
Saturday, Nov. 16, 2002
Issue #6

An Overview of Some Good Stuff That's Happening Around Us

By Richard Sundberg

1200 block of Duncan Place NE

Many thanks for the veterans' stories in the last issue of the Corner Forum. A good reminder of what these guys went through. My hat is off to them.

Additionally, thanks for printing the recurring concern by neighbors that the renovation trend is not benefiting residents. Thought I might help to spread some good news on that front.

A recreation center is under construction on the lot bounded by 9th, 10th, F and G streets.

The new Miner Elementary is almost ready to open; for those who have not yet seen the building, take a stroll by it. What a gorgeous learning center for the kids!

Additionally, there is a move afoot to restore the original structure and turn it into a public library. Quite a step up from that ugly kiosk on H Street.

Speaking of H Street, how about the theater being developed there!

At Lovejoy, if all goes well, there will be a toddlers playground on the north end, as well as a community garden.

And Kingsman may soon be shared by Options and Caesar Chavez charter schools, both of which have excellent reputations. This is bittersweet, as approximately five years ago Manna Inc. proposed buying Kingsman for $600,000 and redeveloping the site into affordable housing. Unfortunately at that time only Sharon Ambrose supported the sale, while other locally elected officials opposed it, and the bid, along with two others, was rejected by D.C.P.S. as being inappropriate for the community. At least there are currently moderate/low-income residences currently being constructed and planned in other parts of Washington, not too far away.

Many times in our daily routines we seem to overlook changes occurring around us, so I thought this brief synopsis would encourage people. Keep up the good work, Marc, and thanks for your efforts in creating a local paper. §