The Corner Forum
Saturday, Nov. 23, 2002
Issue #7


CONSTRUCTION ON 1300 BLOCK OF E: Foreman Donaldo Moscoso, of the Fort Myer Construction Corp., said Thursday that his company is replacing concrete in certain areas of the 1300 block of E Street. Another crew will come in for the milling and resurfacing of the street. He expects all work on the block to be done sometime next week.

ZONED PARKING ON EMERALD STREET: Klaus Nielsen reports that he and his wife, Maureen, have collected 42 signatures so far, for a petition to get zoned parking on Emerald Street.

1223 E STREET: Eric Bernard, 1223 E. St. NE, sends this update on his research about a bottle he found while digging on his property: A.G. Hermann was in business from around 1885 to 1935. It was a bottling/manufacturer of carbonated beverages. The logo matches the logo on my bottle. Their big seller was Tiger Ginger Ale. They also made a cola drink. It is not clear from my brief research if they made beer and the exact date of the bottle. The amusing bit of information is that their plant was on Capitol Hill at 750-754 10th St. SE. I drove by there. It is now the site of the John Tyler Elementary School. Do any of our older residents remember this company and its products?§