The Corner Forum
Saturday, Nov. 23, 2002
Issue #7

Help Produce the Corner Forum!

This newsletter, a volunteer community effort, needs you.

Please join us next Saturday (Nov. 30) from 10-11 a.m. to help plan and put together the Corner Forum, in the meeting room at the Northeast Public Library, at 330 7th St. NE. We'll be folding, stapling and talking.

The Corner Forum thanks the following people for their assistance with last week's issue: Richard Sundberg, 1200 block of Duncan Pl. NE (distribution); Stephen Smith, 1300 block of E (production); Catherine Clay, 1250 E St. NE (production); Tammi Cioffi, 536 13th St. NE (proofreading); Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE (editing, layout, production, distribution). The Corner Forum needs many more volunteers to help.§