The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 7, 2002
Issue #9

First Let Me Show It to the Boss

By Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE

This week, garbage just kept piling up at the dumpster behind the apartment building at 501 12th St. NE. The dumpster is on the north side of the 1200 block of E Street, close to 12th Street.

A passer-by pointed the garbage out on Saturday. The Corner Forum took photos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and spoke yesterday to neighbors and to the Independence Management Company, the company that owns and manages 501 12th St. NE.


By Bruce Grefrath, 1217 E St. NE

The garbage out there appears on a regular basis. Sometimes it's a lot worse than others, but today it's about as bad as it gets. It attracts the rats! We've got enough trouble with rats. Maybe today, because of the snowstorm, that may be part of the reason why it's backed up, but still, it's not unusual to see it that way.


By Valerie Scott, 1211 E St. NE

It's such an eyesore. And in the summertime, it smells if it sits there for too long. I don't know why it's piled up. I know it's a holiday, but still, they should have made some provisions and had that removed. It's really an eyesore. At least once or twice this summer, it just piled up, and it wasn't picked up. It just started smelling. And we're still dealing with rodents and that kind of thing in the neighborhood, and that just adds to the problem. I don't know if they can find a way to contain it — bigger dumpsters, maybe? They have to do better.


By Lisa Olson, 1214 E St. NE

There are times when it overflows, and — more than an eyesore — it's a health hazard for the street. It's just a bad thing. I think that the building has a contractor who comes, and they've been fairly good, but there are times like this when it just piles up. I think the other problem is that people just dump, from all over the block. There's really no way to enforce it, but I just wish that people wouldn't do it. It's really bad in the summer, because of the odor. It seems like once every couple of months it gets like this.

By Yafet Alem, Independence Management Company

All I can tell you is Parliament is the trash guy. We have twice-a-week pickup for that property. We have a property on 7th Street where we have once-a-week pickup.

In addition, for a situation like this, we have bulk pickups. It's not the tenants that's overflowing — the whole neighborhood is using it. It overflows.

Too bad that building doesn't have a wide enough yard so we can keep this thing inside. It would have been much better that way.

What happened this week?

I don't know. I can call the guy and check while you're on the phone. [Mr. Alem was unable to get through to Mr. Jolly, the owner of the waste management company, right away.]

[What can people do if they see this happening?]

We can give them the office phone number. It's 202-547-7061. And we have a 24-hour resident manager up there also. His name is Bill Stewart. 547-1496. So, technically, anything that we don't see, he reports.

If we hear about it, we don't let it slide, because, really, we're paying for the service. Might as well get good service.

If somebody calls me and tells me it hasn't been picked up, like you're doing right now, it's very simple for me to get on the phone and call this guy.

Because we're not getting a break on the price — we're still paying for it.


Anthony Jolly, owner of Parliament Disposal Inc., called the Corner Forum at Mr. Alem's request.

"We've been picking it up on a regular basis," Mr. Jolly said -- every Monday and Friday, except for this week.

He said he hadn't picked up the trash this week because he wanted to show Independence Management Company how bad it had gotten, "so when I charge them extra for it" the company wouldn't think he was charging for nothing.

He said he had wanted to pick the trash up Thursday, but then was delayed by the snow. He promised to pick it up today (Saturday).§