The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 7, 2002
Issue #9

The Corner Forum Will Cost 37 Cents Per Issue

Dear Neighbors,

I apologize for not warning you of from the start.

Here's the big question: Are you willing to pay for the Corner Forum? I truly hope so.

Beginning with the issue of Jan. 4, 2003, the Corner Forum will be distributed by subscription. The Corner Forum will still be distributed every week.

I hope that, by then, most households on the six blocks in the Corner Forum area will have subscribed.

The cost to keep receiving the Corner Forum will be 37 cents per issue. That's 15 cents for the ink, 5 cents for the printer, 4 cents for the paper, 1 cent for the camera, 1 cent for the call-in line, 1 cent for the publishing software, and 10 cents for the issues that were distributed for free in 2002. These are my current best estimates of the costs involved. Including tax, that comes to $10.22 for six months.

If you prefer to read the Corner Forum on the Internet only (you'll get your own password), the cost will be 15 cents per issue. That's 2 cents for the Internet service, 1 cent for the photos, 1 cent for the publishing software, 1 cent for the call-in line, and 10 cents for the freely distributed issues. The six-month subscription cost would be $4.13.

If you'd like to receive both Internet and paper versions, the cost for six months is $10.89, including tax.

We'll need to reassess the costs in six months.

This is a no-profit, no-salary, volunteer enterprise. All the money from subscriptions will go to pay for materials and equipment. There are no advertisements, and no donations.

This is a democratic enterprise, owned and run by its readers. Issues are planned at public meetings. Major policy questions will be voted on by readers.

The idea behind this newsletter is that every reader is a contributor. Every reader "owns" space in the Corner Forum — that space is yours to use as you like.

Please fill out and send in (or drop off) the subscription form, at right, or just write a little note with your name and address, saying what kind of subscription you'd like.


Marc Borbely§