The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002
Issue #10

The Corner Forum Needs Your Help

This newsletter needs a bit of your time.

If you are willing to do any of the following, please call 544-2447 to let us know. We'll provide all the guidance and training you'll need.

Distributors. Pass the Corner Forum out to 20 people. We drop copies off with you by noon on Saturday. You pass them out by 8 p.m.

Proofreaders. Read through a rough draft on Friday evening, catch typos, check facts, and confusing text.

Calendar Compilers. Check specific Web sites (choose from a list we use) on Thursday or Friday, looking for events that might be of interest to other readers.

Newspaper Readers. Read one newspaper regularly (choose from a list). Look for articles that might be of interest to other readers.

Sports Reporters. Follow Spingarn High School sports.

Education Reporters. Keep up with the schools.

Entertainment Reporters. Keep up with lighter life.

Political Reporters. Keep up with the political scene — especially with Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A and the City Council.

Religion Reporters. Keep up with our churches, synagogues and mosques.

Real Estate Reporters. Track houses sold and for sale.

Photographers. We'll tell you when there's a photograph we need taken with the Corner Forum's digital camera (it's very easy to use).

Interviewers. Meet with folks who have something to say and record their comments. The Corner Forum has tapes and tape recorders.

Transcribers. Listen to a tape-recorded interview and type up the conversation.

Editors. Edit articles and interviews. We'll provide you with an article. You edit it according to our Editing Principles.

"Special Day" Collectors. Coordinate public acknowledgment of our special days — birthdays, weddings, new jobs, etc.

Folder, Staplers and Planners. Come to our weekly Saturday (10 a.m.) meetings. Free bagels, juice and cookies, in the meeting room at the Northeast Public Library, at 330 7th St. NE. Open to all.

Paper Purchasers. Drive out to our paper supplier (we currently use a store in Springfield, Va.) every month or so, to pick up a supply of paper. (Funds come from the Corner Forum.)

Circulation Manager. Maintain the list of subscribers and coordinate the work of the distributors.

Printers. Print the Corner Forum using our large laser printer, either at your home (computer required) or in the Corner Forum office. During printing, flip the paper. Requires a few hours either late Friday or early Saturday.§