The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 21, 2002
Issue #11

How Far Down Is the Sea?

Leah Wright, instrument operator with A. Morton Thomas & Associates, an engineering firm in Rockville, measured local elevations on Thursday to figure out the height above sea level of the Lovejoy School, at 12th and E streets NE. The height will be needed by construction workers when they build new condominiums at Lovejoy.

At the D.C. Survey Office, Ms. Wright had found out that the first step belonging to the house at 1301 Md. Ave. NE is 58.53 feet above sea level. If that step had been visible from Lovejoy, Ms. Wright could have used her surveying instrument to immediately figure out how much higher or lower Lovejoy is.

But because there are buildings in the way, she had to first measure elevations at various points between 1301 Md. Ave. and Lovejoy.

At right, she is shown taking a measurement on the 500 block of 13th Street.§