The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 28, 2002
Issue #12

Plans for Eating Both Here and There, on New Year's Eve

By Bruce Grefrath, 1217 E St. NE

We asked Mr. Grefrath, whom his wife describes as an excellent cook, to tell us about the "progressive dinner" that he and five other couples on E Street have planned for New Year's Eve.

We're going to do it in two houses, because some of the families have to cart youngsters around and we didn't want to have them picking up all the baby stuff and going from one place to the next.

So we're starting out with a homemade eggnog, and then we're going to hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, a soup, salad, and then an entree that will probably consist of a lamb dish and a turkey, and of course mashed potatoes and all the trimmings there.

And then we'll be coming back over here for deserts.

We'll probably be spending about four days making deserts — a couple of cakes — and looking at the possibility of maybe some crepes.

The price of admission is a bottle of champagne per couple. And then of course there'll be the appropriate wine served with each course.

We figure this way people don't have to drive around on New Year's, and it's great because some of the people have families — young children — and it's difficult for them to enjoy a party, on New Year's especially. We've been talking about this for about a year now and decided, "Hey! This is a great time to do it."

You've never done this type of thing before?

No. No, this'll be the first time. You know, it's something that a lot of people talk about doing, but it never gets done. So we're gonna see what we can do this year.

And you mentioned there'll be caroling, also?

Yes. And then for new Year's, there'll be caroling, and of course, Auld Lang Syne — we'll be singing it around the piano that we just got tuned today. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. People are really quite excited about it.

How do you know the other people that are gonna be involved?

Well, they're just neighbors for the most part. Some of them are nearby neighbors, but most of them are neighbors right here on the block.

Eight of us are right here on the block, and then there's a couple that's visiting from out of town, and then there's another couple that is partially out of town — one person is off on East Capitol Street or something like that, and the other one is in the Navy and coming in to spend Christmas here. There'll be at least three young kids.

That's about it!§