The Corner Forum
Saturday, Dec. 28, 2002
Issue #12

Tip: A Fix-It Man at 1250 E St. NE

Mrs. Quallis spoke to us about repairs that the Rev. Randolph Clay (1250 E St. NE) made this month in her house.

Rev. Clay, who can be reached at 543-4580, says he fixes a wide variety of things, including pipes, washers and dryers, and garbage disposals. He says he also does electrical work.

By Rena Quallis, 525 13th St. NE

He fixed my washer and my dryer. And it's working real good! He's a reasonable price. He went and bought the parts — I gave him the money for it, of course — but he's reasonable, and he can really fix it!

So you recommend him.

Yes, I do.

I definitely do.§