The Corner Forum
Sunday, Jan. 12, 2003
Issue #14

Thinking of Barnes's Children

Contributions for the Auriell and Jonas Barnes College Education Assistance Fund, for Gregory Barnes's two children, are still being accepted by Eric Bernard, at 1223 E St. NE, and by Ben Howell, at 1235 E St. NE. Contributors will be acknowledged next week. Gregory Barnes lived in the basement apartment at 1236 E St. NE and died on Christmas. His children are 6 and 10.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My great-aunt, who lives in New York (and whom I call Memi) read about Gregory Barnes's tragic death in the Dec. 28 issue of the Corner Forum and sent me this letter, along with a check. The letter is reprinted with her permission.

By Elisabeth Mauthner, New York City — Jan. 3, 2003

Dear Marc,

Would you please cash this check and ask Greg's wife to buy some toys for the children?

It is heartbreaking to think what a Christmas they had.

I do not know their age, or whether they believe in Santa Claus or not. If yes, then they can be told that Santa only heard now about their sad day, and therefore sent them a little surprise (or something like that).

The tuition fund is important, but the children should have some joy now.

Happy New Year, and love from Memi.§