The Corner Forum
Sunday, Jan. 12, 2003
Issue #14

Our Area Public Schools

These are the schools whose attendance zones lie within the Corner Forum area:

¨ Miner Elementary School;

¨ Browne Junior High School;

¨ Eliot Junior High School;

¨ and Spingarn Senior High School

Source: The 1996-1997 Directory of School Boundaries, obtained by sending a letter to Jim Baxley, FOIA Officer, D.C. Public Schools, 825 North Capitol Street, NE, 9th floor, Washington, DC 20002-4232. To obtain the maps, write something like the following: "I am writing to request from D.C. Public Schools, pursuant to the D.C. Freedom of Information Act, a copy of the 1996-1997 Directory of School Boundaries." You may have to pay search and copy fees.

Also, under the D.C. Municipal Regulations 5-2001.8, "attendance zone boundary information for all schools shall be maintained by the Superintendent of Schools and shall be available for public inspection and review in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, the Office of the Board of Education, the principal's office of each school, and the D.C. Public Library."§