The Corner Forum
Sunday, March 9, 2003
Issue #22

Mail-Delivery Problems Experienced on 1200 Block of E

By Jim Laise

1200 block of E Street NE

Dear Editor Borbely,

Thank you for the fine job you are doing. You have provided a Web site for this community, and you are making a difference. Keep swinging.

I would like to pose a question in general to the community, but specifically to the 1200 block of E Street NE.

This concerns USPS carrier and mail issues. At our house, we have failed to receive mail confirmed to be sent as far back as Jan. 21. Can anyone else confirm such a situation?

More importantly, in speaking with our local post office on Tuesday, I was told that we have no carrier. What we have, according to the very professional representative, is a bevy of carriers. Our "sub" carriers come from a pool of full-time carriers who have put in a day's work elsewhere and are catching us up.

We receive mail normally after 5 p.m., which, in effect, means we are getting it two business days late. I was provided with two telephone numbers concerning this issue. Here they are: 800-688-9889 (ask for the postmaster); and 1.800.275.8777 (provide explanation to representative). Would other members of E Street like to join with me in discussing mail problems here on sunny E Street? I have done so, already.

Best to all,

Jim Laise §