The Corner Forum
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Issue #23

Marathon Runners Will Pass Through Our Neighborhood Next Sunday

By Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE

The D.C. Marathon will pass through the Corner Forum area on 13th Street on Sunday, March 23. Runners, coming south after turning onto 13th from Florida Avenue, will be one block short of the 23-mile mark by the time they reach D Street and 13th.

Streets on the route will be closed to cars "up to a six-hour pace" (I think this means they'll reopen six hours after the start of the race, but I'm not sure at what time they will be closed).

The race starts at 7:30 a.m. Metro will open at 5:30 a.m.

The complete 26.2-mile course is as follows,
according to the marathon's Web site, at

• Starting Point: Memorial Bridge (Runners will be on both sides of the road at the beginning of the race heading east on Memorial Bridge).

• Veer left around the Lincoln Memorial toward Henry Bacon Drive NW, again, veer left on Henry Bacon Drive NW, head down Henry Bacon Drive NW toward Constitution Avenue NW.

• Take a right on Constitution Avenue NW and then continue straight on Constitution NW/NE.

• At North Carolina Avenue NE veer left and proceed towards RFK Stadium where North Carolina Avenue NE turns C Street and C Street turns into 22nd Street and intersects into East Capitol Street NE/SE.

• Continue on East Capitol, cross the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge and veer right onto B Street SE.

• Take B Street SE and proceed to Minnesota Avenue SE

• Take a left on Minnesota Avenue SE.

• Follow Minnesota Avenue SE until it intersects with Good Hope Rd SE and veer right.

• Follow Good Hope Rd SE into Anacostia Park and take a right on Anacostia Road.

• Continue on Anacostia Road to Nicholson Place and take a right. Proceed on Nicholson Place to Fairlawn Street and take a left.

• Follow Fairlawn to Pennsylvania Avenue SE and take a right. Follow Pennsylvania Avenue SE all the way down toward the Capitol where Pennsylvania Avenue SE turns into Independence Avenue SW.

• Continue on Independence Avenue pass the Air & Space Museum and take a left on 7th Street SW.

• Take 7th Street SW to Maine Avenue SW and make a right turn.

• Follow Maine Avenue past the Jefferson Memorial where it intersects with Independence Avenue SW.

• Veer left on to Independence Avenue SW and follow Independence along the Potomac River until Independence turns into Rock Creek Parkway.

• Continue on Rock Creek until it intersects with Virginia Avenue.

• Veer right on Virginia Avenue and follow to 18th Street NW.

• Veer left on 18th Street NW and follow to Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

• Veer left on Pennsylvania Avenue and follow Washington Circle to 22nd Street NW.

• Veer right onto 22nd Street NW and follow just pass P Street and veer right onto Q Street NW.

• Continue on Q Street NW until it intersects with Massachusetts Avenue NW.

• Take a right on Massachusetts Avenue NW and follow until you reach 7th Street NW.

• Veer right on 7th Street NW and then veer left onto K Street NW.

• Follow K Street NW until you reach North Capital Avenue NE.

• Take a left on North Capital NE until you reach M Street NE.

• Take a right on M Street NE and follow to Florida Avenue NE and veer right.

• Follow Florida Avenue NE to 13th Street NE.

• Take a right on 13th Street NE and follow until you D Street NE.

• Veer left on D Street and follow until you reach 18th Street NE.

• Veer right onto 18th Street and follow to C Street NE.

• Veer right on C Street NE and proceed west. C Street NE turns into North Carolina. Follow North Carolina NE and veer left onto Constitution Avenue NE.

• Follow Constitution Avenue NE to Pennsylvania Avenue NW and veer right and follow towards the White House. The view from Capitol Hill is spectacular as you look out over the city.
• The Finish Line is located at 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. §