The Corner Forum
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Issue #23

Coming to the Defense of the Garden

By James L. Clark, 1311 Emerald

Mr. Clark refers to a comment made in the March 1 issue that the garden formerly at 13th and E streets was a problem with drugs.

It is unfortunate that the gentleman on E Street made misstatements regarding drug sales in the garden. There was no drug activity in the garden. I know all the people who had plots there, and they are people of integrity. They would not deal in such activity. In fact, they would not let undesirables and troublemakers in the garden. My back windows faced the garden before they built those two houses and, all those years, I never observed any drug activity. There was drug activity on 13th Street, and there is still today. The garden was an asset to the community.

The people who sell drugs do not live in the immediate area. They live over in the 15th & Isherwood area. I agree that something should be done before an innocent bystander gets injured.

To solve the problem, the city should put signs up, stating that any person driving in the area who purchases drugs will have their vehicle impounded. The city could install fake cameras with signs stating, "We are recording your activity." This will work because a few years ago, 10th Street NE had the same problem, and the city put up such signs, and today you will not see any drug activity.

The liquor store, carry-out and dog-and-cat-grooming services are not the problem. We need these businesses — they are an asset. A few years ago, a liquor store at 14th & Constitution Avenue NE was forced to close because the neighbors blamed all of the negative problems on the liquor store. Some of the same people who complained about the liquor store are coming down to this store to make purchases. The liquor store sells things other than alcoholic beverages.

Congratulations to the Corner Forum for being so informative. The community should express in words their thoughts on the wonderful job the Corner Forum is doing. §