The Corner Forum
Monday, April 21, 2003
Issue #28

Holiday Plans

Stephen Smith, 1311 E St. NE, conducted a survey in the Corner Forum area on Saturday. Passers-by were shown a paper asking, "What are your plans for this holiday?" The responses he received follow.

On Sunday, I will be meeting with a group of high school students that I used to teach in Michigan. They'll be taking part in Close-Up.

—Mark Van DeWege

1300 Emerald St. NE


We plan to have a family reunion at our daughter's house in Waldorf, Maryland. We also plan to attend our church's sunrise service at 6 a.m. in the morning.

—Catherine and Emanuel W. Bego

1308 Emerald St. NE


Relax and eat a nice dinner.

—Robert Neil

412 13th St. NE


I'm going to my parents house for a barbecue.

—Tammi Cioffi

536 13th St. NE


Host friends and family for dinner and go to church on Sunday for services and breakfast.

—Jim and Kristen Laise

1248 E St. NE


I will be resting.

—Betty Taylor

1303 E St. NE


I'm planning on cooking out and enjoying myself.

—Oliver Humphrey

1321 E St. NE


I plan to go to church and give thanks to the Lord!

—Larry Epps

1302 F St. NE

I'm cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, wings, tuna fish salad and egg salad at my house with my family and friends.

—Stephen Smith

1311 E St. NE


I'm relaxing and taking in a movie.

—John McCalvin

1312 Corbin Place NE


This weekend we will be spending time with the dogs and neighbors, working in the front yard, putting in landscaping materials and chatting with the neighbors.

— Randall Fox and Patrick Dennis

1259 F St. NE


Spend time with my grandchildren.

—Curtis L. Williams Sr.

1302 F St. NE


Spend time gardening.

—Donna Klee

1300 F St. NE


Gardening with my wife! Happy Easter!

—Zak Klee

1300 F St. NE


Getting settled into our new home.

— Kevin and Rebecca O'Neil

1306 F St. NE


Going to church with my sisters and mom. Hopefully yours will be great!

—Nicole Henderson

2330 Q St. SE §