The Corner Forum
Thursday, May 29, 2003
Issue #33

Help Needed

Here are some ways you can help the Corner Forum. The total estimated time needed to produce a good newsletter is about 30 hours per week. (Each task is listed along with an estimate for how much time is required per week.) That comes out to about a half-hour for each of the 70 subscribing households. Please take a look and let the editor know (544-2447) what people in your household could help with. Even a little of your time on any of these tasks would be a big help!

*Reporting* (15 hours a week) — finding out or simply thinking of something that might be important or interesting to your neighbors. This is the most important task. If you already have your own ideas — great! If not, please look through the Story Ideas section at right and see if there's anything there that interests you. Help is also needed compiling the weekly events calendar. Remember, if you'd like to help gather information but would rather not write up what you learned, that's OK! You can just say it on the voicemail (517-9128), and someone else will write it up.

Transcribing (3 hours a week) — typing up an interview or voicemail that someone else recorded.

Photographing (1 hour a week, total) — taking pictures to go along with the stories in the newsletter.

Planning (1 hour a week) — deciding newsletter policy questions, critiquing previous issues of the newsletter and planning future articles. This can be done during the weekly one-hour meetings on Saturday mornings (the meetings are open to everyone), or on the phone at any other time.

Copyediting (3 hours a week) — making sure the stories submitted to the newsletter are as clear as they can be and that they follow certain rules of style, and checking as many of the facts in the story as possible.

Proofreading (1 hour a week) — reading through stories just before they're published, looking for mistakes. In the last issue, for example, you'll see that I typed "Page 20" instead of "Page 2" at the bottom of the second page. Oops. There was no one proofreading that issue.

Designing an issue (3 hours a week) — arranging the stories and photographs within the newsletter, and on each page.

Printing (1.5 hours a week) — supervising the laser printer (adding toner when necessary) and flipping the paper. This could be done at the editor's house or yours (if you have a computer).

Maintaining the Web site (1 hour a week) — adding each issue to the Web site, e-mailing out weekly alerts announcing that a new issue has been posted, and generating an electronic index of the issues.

Folding and stapling (1 hour a week) — assembling each copy of the newsletter.

Distributing (1.5 hours a week) — passing a copy of the newsletter out to the subscribers, on Saturdays, ideally. At the moment, there are two people who are helping with this. Four more people are needed (to have one for each block). §