The Corner Forum
Saturday, June 21, 2003
Issue #35


RENA QUALLIS: Mrs. Quallis, whose house (525 13th St. NE) burned on May 17, called to express her thanks to neighbors who helped her. She thanked, especially, the Cromarties (at 532 13th St. NE) and the members of the Cromarties' church for their generosity, and her neighbor Joyce and Joyce's sister, and other neighbors who helped. "Thank you for really being there for us, and being kind to us in our time of need. I really want to thank everybody, especially the Cromartie family, because I was really surprised." (Mr. George Cromartie Sr. said he would be glad to accept further donations for Mrs. Quallis.) Mrs. Quallis and her four grandchildren have been staying in Mrs. Quallis's daughter's one-bedroom apartment, along with Mrs. Quallis's two daughters and her son-in-law. She has been trying to get the D.C. Housing Authority, which owned 525 13th St., to place her in a new home. Her daughter's lease expires at the end of the month, and she has been worried about ending up on the streets with her children. There is no space for her family in the homeless shelters, she said. The Housing Authority's Adrienne Todman, deputy chief of staff, said Thursday that there were initially no properties available that were large enough for Mrs. Quallis and her four grandchildren. She said HUD regulations mandate the minimum size unit for a family of five, so even if there was a smaller unit available, she couldn't have it. Mrs. Quallis has been paying rent since May 17 even though she has not been given a new place to stay. Ms. Todman said this was because the lease at 525 13th St. NE had not been broken and because Mrs. Quallis presumably wanted to continue being a Housing Authority tenant. Yesterday, Mrs. Quallis called to say that she had been told a four-bedroom unit had been located, and that she could see the unit this coming Thursday. She hopes that she will be able to move in next weekend and that she will be able to find people to help her move.

MISSPELLED NAME: In last week's issue, on page 2, Kristen Laise's name was misspelled.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday, tomorrow, to Tammi Cioffi, at 536 13th St. NE!

COMINGS AND GOINGS: According to the Long & Foster Web site,, viewed today, the real estate listings for the Corner Forum area have not changed from last week. The following houses are listed: 1239 Duncan Pl. NE ($354,900) and 408 13th St. NE ($385,000). Do you know the people selling their houses? Please ask them if they might share their reasons with Corner Forum readers.

CORNER FORUM ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The following people helped produce or distribute the June 14 issue of the Corner Forum: Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE (editing, folding, distributing). Sharon Cochran, 1300 block of Emerald Street NE, and Mr. Borbely attended last Saturday's Corner Forum meeting (see Calendar). There are 73 households in the Corner Forum area that are subscribed to the newsletter (26 on E Street, 24 on Emerald Street, 16 on 13th Street, and 7 on Duncan Place). §