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Saturday, June 21, 2003
Issue #35

"Lake Fort Fisher" Is Bug Heaven

By Amy Fisher, 427 13th St. NE

I've sent the letter below to Council member Sharon Ambrose's (D-Ward 6) office. As long as I have lived here (since 1974), our alley (behind the stores) has formed a lake in heavy rains. I refer to it fondly as Lake Fort Fisher. This year, in the heavy rains we have had, it has not dried up once since April. I imagine the mosquitoes are going to be fierce. (See related "Mosquitoes" article, page 2.)

My letter to Ms. Ambrose...

Neighbors in Northeast Washington are proud to announce that the National Mosquito Growers Association recently selected this lovely site in beautiful Ward 6, adjacent to the Kingsman School recreational field, as one of several finalists for its annual convention.

"What with such a healthy breeding environment and the proximity of many children playing organized softball and soccer in the adjacent Kingsman Field, the site has in the past produced some of the finest specimens in the region. We expect that this year's weather will help us achieve a bumper crop," one association official said. §