The Corner Forum
Saturday, June 28, 2003
Issue #36


RENA QUALLIS: Mrs. Quallis was told this week that the four-bedroom apartment that had been promised her, at 1582 Kennilworth Avenue NE, would not be ready for her and her four grandchildren to move into this weekend after all. She was told yesterday that it would be ready by next weekend. This means Mrs. Quallis's son-in-law will have to extend his lease for another month and pay another month's rent. Mrs. Quallis has paid rent to the Housing Authority for both May and June even though she has not been given a new place to live since her house, at 525 13th St. NE, burned on May 17. Housing officials said the inventory of four-bedroom units available to the D.C. Housing Authority is very low. They said they were not allowed to give her anything smaller. Mrs. Quallis said she visited 1582 Kennilworth. "I checked it out," she said. "There's people standing together, selling drugs. I don't want that for my grandkids. I've already told the kids they can't go outside and play, because I don't want them mixing up with them." (—Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE)

COMINGS AND GOINGS: If you have met one of the area's new residents or know someone about to move out, please ask them if they'd like to introduce themselves or say goodbye. According to the Long & Foster Web site,, viewed Thursday, the real estate listings for the Corner Forum area have changed from June 21 as follows: 1232 Duncan Pl. NE ($349,000) and 1320 Emerald St. NE ($345,000) are newly listed; 408 13th St. NE is no longer listed.(—Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE)

CORNER FORUM ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The following people helped produce or distribute the June 21 issue of the Corner Forum: Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE (editing, folding, distributing). Teresia Bush, 1200 block of E Street NE (calendar), and John Olinger, 1244 Duncan Pl. NE (calendar). There are 73 households in the Corner Forum area that are subscribed to the newsletter (26 on E Street, 24 on Emerald Street, 16 on 13th Street, and 7 on Duncan Place). ( —Marc Borbely) §