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Saturday, July 26, 2003
Issue #40

Free: Much Mulch

The King's Court Community Garden at the east end of Capitol Hill has a HUGE supply of garden mulch and hopes you will come take some of it away. Take as much as you like. Please take from the south end of the mulch pile.

It's a combination of wood chips and chopped leaves — remains of a recently cut tree. It is excellent for mulching gardens, especially where the mulch appearance is not of great importance. It will decompose over the summer, adding organic enrichment to your garden beds. If you have an area with little or no grass, you could cover it with this mulch. In the community garden, we use it to cover the pathways between garden beds. This keeps down the weeds.

WHERE: King's Court Alley. This alleyway runs between the 200 blocks of 14th and 15th Streets SE. Just south of South Carolina, and north of C St. SE. Info, Pat Taylor at §