The Corner Forum
Saturday, Aug. 2, 2003
Issue #41


NEW CHURCH: The Rev. Randolph Clay, 1250 E St. NE, reports that a new church, at 400 13th St. NE, has opened and begun services on Sundays and Bible studies during the week.

NEW WASA RATES, METRO FARES: The D.C. Water and Sewer Authority has voted to approve a 2.5 percent increase in water and sewer rates, beginning Oct. 1. For a typical residential customer, WASA said in a press release, the monthly bill will increase approximately $0.92, from $41.08 to $42.00 per month. For more information call WASA's office of public affairs, at 787-2200. See New Metro rates and hours took effect June 29. Among the changes: the regular bus and base rail fare was increased to $1.20, from $1.10. The senior/disabled fare was increased to $0.60 for bus and to one-half the regular fare for rail. Bus transfer fares increased to $0.35, from $0.25. For more information, call Metro Customer Assistance (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at 637-1328. See §