The Corner Forum
Sunday, Aug. 24, 2003
Issue #44


LAKE FORT FISHER: The Mayor's Call Center reported Tuesday that D.C. Department of Transportation inspectors had come out on Aug. 8 to inspect the large body of stagnant water behind 419 and 421 13th St. NE. The Call Center operator said that as a result, the department's potholes division repaired eight potholes. However, Amy Fisher (427 13th St. NE) says no repairs have been made at all. The stagnant water is still there, though it's smaller than it was in the photo that was taken by Mrs. Fisher and that was published with her article in the June 21 issue of the Corner Forum. At the suggestion of someone in the crew working on Kingsman Field, Mrs. Fisher called the Health Department on Friday and spoke with someone whose specialty is West Nile Virus (535-1954). That person referred her back to the Call Center, to follow up with alley repair. So Ms. Fisher called the Call Center and reported that the repairs had not been made. An operator referred the matter to her supervisor, who has 48 hours to investigate.

HOMICIDE ON 300 BLOCK OF 13TH: The police have still not released any further details, including the victim's name, related to the incident of the 23-year-old man found fatally shot alongside 309 13th St. NE on Aug. 14.

CORNER FORUM ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The following people helped produce or distribute the Aug. 17 issue of the Corner Forum: Marc Borbely (editing, folding, distributing), 536 13th St. NE; Tammi Cioffi (folding), 536 13th St. NE; and Sharon Cochran (distributing), 1300 block of Emerald Street NE. There are 72 households in the Corner Forum area that are subscribed to the newsletter (26 on E Street, 24 on Emerald Street, 16 on 13th Street, and 6 on Duncan Place). §