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Sunday, Aug. 31, 2003
Issue #45

Pinson: Work to Be Done in 3 Weeks

By Michael E. Herman, 1300 block of D Street NE

Good news for those neighbors worried about West Nile Virus and at the same time wondering where our tax dollars are going...

I received the following message from Leo Pinson, the Ward 6 Neighborhood Services Coordinator regarding the perpetual lake in the alley behind the 400 block of 13th Street NE. I have often made attempts in the past months and years to have something done about the standing water. In past years of near drought, it was difficult to generate any interest, but this year's rainy weather has certainly pushed the envelope.

Mr. Pinson (609 H Street NE, Suite 117, 698-5620, writes:

"I know there has been concern about the alley behind the convenience stores for some time. Yesterday I made rounds with a DDOT engineer and this alley will be leveled and reconstructed so that no more standing water pools are created. Work should be completed within the next three weeks."

The Neighborhood Services Coordinator's Office under Mr. Pinson and his assistant Francine Edmonds has been an excellent resource for our neighborhood. The purpose of the office is to coordinate city services from multiple agencies that do not always work together as well as one might expect.

It is always preferable to get a call number from the Mayor's Call Center at 727-1000 before contacting the NSCO. Once that is done, if a problem cannot be solved in a reasonable amount of time, the NSCO is the next step. §