The Corner Forum
Sunday, Sept. 7, 2003
Issue #46

Story Ideas

The following are some ideas for future stories. If you know answers or are willing to do some research, we'd be grateful! We'd also be glad to help get you started.

• Atlas Theater — The March Voice of the Hill said a remaining $7.5 million had to be raised to begin construction by the proposed January 2004 groundbreaking date, which would mean a possible opening by the end of the winter of 2005. What is the current outlook on fundraising and timing?

• Charter Schools — At a recent ANC meeting, someone presented plans for a new charter school on Capitol Hill (not at Kingsman). Has the chartering board acted on the application? Where are the applicants hoping the school will be? What will be unique about the school?

• Crime — What are some of the crimes in our area that have been reported to the police over the past few months? What happened? How were the reports resolved?

• Drinking Water — According to this year's annual water quality report from the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority, there was more lead in the water than the federal Environmental Protection Agency permits in 26 of 53 residents' tap water. Apparently, the lead comes mostly from the local service lines or from pipes within houes. How much lead is in the tap water emerging from faucets in our area?

• Grants — What is the process of applying for grants from ANC 6A? What are the guidelines? What types of projects can be funded? How much is available? How do you go about applying for money?

• History, Commercial — Where, exactly, were the stores in our neighborhood, according to old property maps of the area?

• History, People — Which families in our neighborhood were here 30 years ago? 40 years ago? 50 years ago? 60 years ago?

• Information Sources — What is the D.C. Register, where can it be found, and what can it tell us?

• Laws — Previous articles in the Corner Forum referred to a D.C. antiloitering law. I don't think there is one. This could be investigated further.

• Nuisance Properties — Where are all the vacant buildings in our neighborhood? Are they all being taxed at the vacant-building property tax rate? (It's about five times higher than the regular rate.)

• Police — Orange Hat Walk. What is it? Who does it? Who organized it? Why? Where does it take place?

• Postal Service — In addition to Duncan Place and the 1200 block of E Street NE, which of our streets is served by only a temporary letter carrier? How do residents on those streets feel service has been affected?

• Recreation, Rosedale — What recreation programs are currently available to residents? What does the Rosedale recreation center offer? Can you just walk in and use it? What are its hours? Does it feel safe?

• Recreation, Swimming — What does the newly reopened Capitol East Natatorium, beside Eastern Market, at 635 North Carolina Ave. SE, look like?

• School Construction, Miner Elementary School — What is the status of the construction of Miner's new building? The school's principal, Angela Tilghman (1200 block of E Street NE), said in the March 9 issue of the Corner Forum that she anticipates all the construction, including the opening of the main entrance on 15th Street, would be finished sometime in August or September.

• School Feedback — What do parents in our neighborhood think about the school their children attend? What do the students themselves think? How about the teachers who live in our area?

• School Involvement — Do our neighborhood schools (Miner Elementary, Eliot Junior High, Browne Junior High, and Spingarn High) have PTAs? Who may attend? What are the costs? When are the meetings?

• School Safety, Miner Elementary School — What do parents of children in our area who attend Miner Elementary School feel about the new YSA group home being built on the 1600 block of Kramer Street? Do parents generally feel the area around Miner is safe? Overall, would a new group home be detrimental to the neighborhood or a positive service to our society?

• School Sports — What will be some of the interesting athletic competitions coming up this school year?

• Sports — What are the plans for the basketball tournament on the Kingsman Elementary School courts?

• Student Hobbies — What are some of the after-school activities and interests of the youth in our neighborhood?

• Taxes — What types of property tax deductions or subsidies are available for 1) people living in their own houses and 2) seniors? There may be people who don't know about and aren't taking advantage of the programs that are out
there. §