The Corner Forum
Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003
Issue #49

Listservs Are Good Source of Information, Dialogue on Community Issues

By Marc Borbely, 536 13th St. NE

If you have Internet access and would like to be as informed as possible about the goings-on in the area, the following are some free listservs (e-mail discussion groups) you may want to subscribe to. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you use Microsoft Outlook Express (or many other programs) as your e-mail software, you can configure it so that messages from these listservs automatically get sorted into separate folders as they come in. (Let me know if I can help with this.) This way your inbox doesn't get too cluttered, and you can read the messages from one listserv only, a bunch at a time.

The Corner Forum will continue publish information from these listservs for the benefit of readers who do not have Internet access or have Internet access but do not wish to subscribe to each listserv. I'd be grateful, though, for volunteers who could monitor one or two of these for information that could be useful or interesting to Corner Forum readers.

• ANC 6A: A listserv for residents in the ANC 6A area, which includes the Corner Forum area. The listserv is moderated by ANC 6A Commissioner Wanda Harris in an unofficial capacity. Of all the listservs listed here, this one is the most useful to us, in my opinion. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• PSA 511. This is our Police Service Area (a subdivision of the Fifth District). The listserv is moderated by resident Jennifer Flather. Subscribers receive announcements of PSA meetings and summaries of current crimes in the area, among other things. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• H Street DC. "This list seeks to create a partnership between community members, city planners, government officials, developers, and other interested people to begin to address the problem of revitalizing this commercial street." This listserv is moderated by resident Kevin Palmer. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• Subscribers receive summaries of police reports for incidents that occur within each police district. The Corner Forum area is in the Fifth Police District. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• Old City Capitol Hill Neighborhood Association. The boundaries of the association are H Street, Maryland Avenue, 11th Street and 14th Street, all in Northeast. The listserv is moderated by association president Robert Pittman. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• ANC 6C: This discussion group is for citizens living in the boundaries of the new ANC 6C, which lies south of 8th Street NE. See to subscribe or unsubscribe.

• Hill East. "This is a place for concerned citizens to become involved with local issues and create a sense of community in Hill East. We're activists, homeowners, moms, dads, dog walkers, volunteers, and generally engaged folks who want to improve the quality of life for all in Hill East." Hill East generally lies southeast of the Corner Forum area. The listserv is owned by resident Gretchen Mikeska. See to subscribe or unsubscribe. §