The Corner Forum
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2003
Issue #58

Help Protect Gay Civil Unions

By David J. Kinsey, 524 13th St. NE

The House and the Senate have introduced resolutions to amend the United States Constitution to require all marriages to be between one man and one woman. This is it. We need your help today.

As many of you know, my partner, Dustin, and I have been fighting for equality in the recognition of our
partnership. This amendment would outlaw gay civil unions, like the ones from Vermont, and domestic partnerships like here in D.C. We need to have these rights to be able to visit one another in the event one of us is hospitalized.

If you have Internet access, please go to and sign the petition and see what else you can do to stop these hatemongers here in DC.

If you don't, please call Eleanor Holmes Norton's office (225-8050) and urge her to speak to her colleagues in coming out against the marriage amendment — she can lobby on our behalf. People could also take it on themselves to call other members on the issue.

There are over 1,049 rights gay and lesbian couples are not offered by virtue of being gay. We are NOT equal under the law, and this amendment would be a shortcut to legalizing hate and entering it into the U.S. Constitution. Does it remind anyone else of misogyny laws? There were days in the not so distant past when the government claimed it had to save marriage from interracial couples as well.

Please stand with me NOW. Help protect our families. §