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Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003
Issue #59

Former Miner Building Is Possible Location For Police Substation

The following are comments by City Council Member Sharon Ambrose (Ward 6), from the ANC meeting on Dec. 11. Ms. Ambrose spoke about the number of police facilities in our area when it becomes part of the First Police District.

We will have some problems: we only have one substation [in the First District] right now, and that's on E Street Se, and that substation really cannot handle all the additional police officers, cars, lockers — the whole thing. Because this will almost double the number of police officers, if they do it the way they're talking about doing it. So there has been a lot of talk, and a great deal of interest on the part of folks along the H Street Corridor — [ANC Commissioner]

Wanda [Harris] has been part of that for about six years — in having a police substation or some presence up on H Street. Well, I now think that it is clear that it would be necessary to have a substation of some sort in the Northeast area. I don't know if anybody in this room remembers when there actually was a Northeast substation on Maryland Avenue at about 9th Street NE?

There was one, so there is a precedent for having a genuine whole substation — not just a little workstation like they have at the 7-11. So we're going to talk about that a little bit, and one of the places that a couple folks have suggested might work for that — because you've gotta have a lot of parking spaces — one of the places that might work would be the old Miner school. So whatever's gonna happen to Miner school — I think at some point we all have to think about that — we also have to start thinking real hard about where we could put a substation. And then I have to start putting the screws to everybody in sight about the money and all the stuff that has to happen to make that happen. §