The Corner Forum
Saturday, Feb. 7, 2004
Issue #61

City Cleans Up Trash Behind 525 13th St. NE

By Tammi Cioffi, 536 13th St. NE

As I reported in the last Corner Forum, I've been trying to find out what's happening at 525 13th St. NE, which burned in May and which has been a vacant eyesore since then.

On Jan. 23, I had asked D.C. Housing Authority spokesman Zachary Smith about the trash on the property and what the city plans to do with the property.

On Jan. 30, workers from the D.C. Housing Authority finally came and put all of the trash from the front and back into a truck.

I called Mr. Smith again when I saw them, and he said that it turned out that the Housing Authority did own the house (there had been some question whether it belonged to the city or to the federal government). Mr. Smith thanked me for bringing this to his attention, but he still did not have an answer for me as to the city's plans for the house.

I called him again yesterday, and he reported that the plan for 525 13th St. was one of two things: 1) to sell it through the agency's public housing home ownership program or 2) to find a new owner for the house. The agency's property management office will decide what to do based on what is going on with its other scattered sites. I asked Mr. Smith if I could contact him about this house at a later date if I see nothing is going on. He said sure. §