The Corner Forum
Sunday, March 7, 2004
Issue #63

Residents Reminded to Be Vigilant

By Michael Herman, 1300 block of D Street NE

Four citizens, four officers and Peter Jones, the new Ward 6 Neighborhood Services Coordinator, attended the last Police Service Area (PSA) meeting, on Feb. 18, at the Teachers Credit Union at 9th and D Streets NE.

Topics of discussion included:

1) The 18:30 attack of a young woman in front of her home on the 200 block of Tennessee Avenue, as she returned home from work. (She and her husband were at the meeting.) Residents are reminded to be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, regardless of how safe their environs seem.

2) Discussion of the continuing scourge of out-of-state vehicles in the eastern portion of the PSA. A new enforcement initiative has already begun to identify vehicles that appear to belong to residents that fail to display D.C. tags in accordance with D.C. regulations.

[The next meeting is scheduled for March 17.]§