The Corner Forum
Sunday, May 2, 2004
Issue #66

H STREET: A Night on the Town

By Elizabeth Hague

500 block of 14th Street NE

Last Saturday night, my husband Libo Liu and I decided to have a night out on the town on H Street. We began the evening by checking out Phish Tea Café and then sauntered over half a block to the H Street Playhouse to watch "Boy Gets Girl," a play that opened last weekend.

As it turns out, Phish Tea Café was having its grand opening that night, so we were unable to order a full meal, because the staff and kitchen were concentrating on providing enough food and drink for a larger-than-usual crowd. So we settled for Phish Tea soup — complimentary that night — and appetizers.

Everything was delicious, and as it turned out we were very full. We plan to go back for a full meal some time. The decor of the café was also well done, with a lounge and function room downstairs and the restaurant upstairs.

The play, "Boy Gets Girl," was great — terrific acting and thought-provoking. Libo described it as a "thriller," and in a sense it was. I was shaking in my seat, but then I am easily scared during movies and plays. It was about a guy and a woman who meet on a blind date.

I don't want to give the play away, but basically the guy becomes infatuated with the girl and starts stalking her, to the extent that she is in danger. I would definitely recommend this play to anyone except children. (See the "Ongoing" section of the Calendar for details.)

Finally, I would highly recommend the H Street Playhouse to Corner Forum readers. The tickets are free for anyone living in the Corner Forum area, courtesy of Fannie Mae. All you have to do is show up one half-hour before show time and bring your driver's license or other proof of residence. This was the third play that we have seen at the H Street Playhouse. All have been excellent.

The guy who gave me the tickets said that not a lot of people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Libo and I did not recognize anyone else in the audience. There was a full house last Saturday night, and I think most paid the full price. Take advantage of this good deal in your neighborhood! §