The Corner Forum
Sunday, May 16, 2004
Issue #67

HISTORY: World War II Veterans' Stories Sought

By Debra Wynn, 538 13th St. NE

I'll be participating along with numerous other colleagues from the Library of Congress as a volunteer collecting stories from veterans who are visiting the World War II memorial ceremonies on the National Mall over Memorial Day weekend.

If there are any people interested in sharing their stories, they are welcome to participate.

The following is taken from the Veterans History Project homepage at:

• Please bring your written memoirs, photos, and letters!

• Every veteran has a story to tell

• Come ready to share your wartime stories

• The Veterans History Project Pavilion will be near the Air & Space Museum, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• The Veterans History Project plans to collect your wartime stories onsite and share compelling accounts from a variety of topics, including POWs, Tuskegee Airmen, Code Talkers, Women in Wartime and D-Day veterans.

• Congress created the Veterans History Project to preserve the memories of veterans and those who served in support of them.

Also, there are online forms for a request for a project kit or for supplying military service stories to fill out as well as more information for volunteer opportunities at the Web site: §