The Corner Forum
Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Issue #68

GREEN SPACE: Party to Be Held at Lovejoy Park

By Richard Sundberg, 1200 block of Duncan Place NE

It's been a while, so thought I would give a little Lovejoy Park update. First of all, after the last wildly successful fundraiser we exceeded our goal of $10,000. That means that the developer of Lovejoy Lofts, Winter Properties, will now kick in $20,000 to the park fund. Everyone take a bow for your efforts!

Secondly, Friends of Lovejoy Park held a meeting on May 11. The following is a laundry list of what was discussed:

• Initial cleanup of playground area including removal of old fencing and other items. Friends of Lovejoy endeavoring to get this done in order to make the area safer (the old fence is a hazard an to show the community that we are about more than just schmoozing at fundraisers.

• Several contractors have submitted proposals to do the work. ANC 6A05 Commissioner Michael Musante is negotiating with them to see if the cost can be trimmed.

• ANC grant money is available to help defray the cost of the cleanup effort. We of course jumped on that and will pursue.

• The Department of Parks & Recreation has issued a preliminary schedule for the process of issuing a design Request for Proposals, construction Request for Proposals and contractor selections.

• There will be a technical review meeting with the Department of Parks &Recreation in June.

• It was decided that a party would be held on the park grounds in July. The tentative date is July 18. This will also be the date for the annual meeting of the Friends of Lovejoy Park board of directors.

• With the infusion of Winter's contribution a volunteer accountant will be needed. Any takers?

• We also will be looking for someone who would like to be an outreach coordinator.

That's it for now. Chat with you all again soon. §