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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Issue #69

YOUTH: `Rosedale Tale' Is a Hit

By Sharon Cochran, 1300 block of Emerald Street NE

Students from Miner Elementary School (601 15th St. NE) presented "A Rosedale Tale" on Tuesday, June 8 at the H Street Playhouse. The big stars of the evening were Malaysia Seabrooks, Jamal Harris, Olivia Richardson, Briana Jackson, Kayanna Carrington, Rodney Austin, Trinette Barclift, Alicia Gaskins, Brian Crawford and Jasmine Graves (shown in that order, in the photo).

The big deal about this show is that the students worked on creating the pieces for the show, and they presented it in a professional theater. Since February, several Miner students have worked after school and on Saturdays with Kidpower-DC to write and rehearse this program. They even painted the beautiful set for the show at the Gallaudet scene shop. The result was a really fun and interesting show.

"A Rosedale Tale" is a collection of works comprised of dance, a play and poems. The show opened with all of the students bursting onto stage with a dance created for them by Mr. Deal from the African Heritage Dancers and Drummers.

Jamal Harris talked about " The Good Old Days," a brief history of the Rosedale and H Street neighborhoods. The students wrote the piece by extracting tidbits from oral history testimonies that the students collected from senior citizens in the H Street community.

"A Night at the Atlas Theater" is a sweet comedy about sneaking in to see Robin Hood at the Atlas Theater. (You should have seen the actors' amazing transformation from kids to adults.)

For me, the most moving part of the evening was the poems read at the end of the show. They were all written by the students. This was a terrific show, and the students should be really proud of themselves. I hope it happens again. By the way, the power poems can be read at the Kidpower-DC Web site, at

If you would like to find more about Kidpower-DC programs and other programs at Miner, check out the school Web site at

At the end of the program, it was announced that Caroline Cleveland would be leaving Kidpower-DC to return to her family in New Orleans. Caroline has worked tirelessly to get the needed resources for the Kidpower-DC program at Miner. I wish her well and give her a huge thanks for her hard work. §